The mother church of the Anglicans – the Chuch of England – is caught in the middle of a fraud and gambling scandal, as their former official is alleged of such crimes. 52-year-old Martin Sargeant is accused of defrauding a charity and spending money on gambling and travel. Find the hottest news on the GBC Time website.

BBC informs that Mr. Sargeant used to work as a Church operations manager for over ten years – from 2008 to 2019. Over that time, the man defrauded the church’s charity, which was intended to fund church restoration. The stolen sum is estimated at £5.2 million.

After receiving grants for the charity trust, Sargeant would transfer the funds via the bank accounts he had an access to at his job. Then, the church clerk would send the money to his accounts.

The court alleges Sargeant would use the stolen funds for gambling and other types of personal entertainment. In particular, the fraudster has flown over 180 times with British Airways.

Last week, the accused man appeared before the Westminster court, where he was accused of fraud and money laundering. On September 2, Sargeant’s case will be considered at the Southwark Crown Court. The accused was granted bail in case he stays in the UK, lives at his residence address, and does not make any contact with the Diocese workers.

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