The operator, who was also the first to sign The Climate Pledge in 2019, has been teaming with Tunley Engineering, a climate reduction consultant, to implement essential measures for measuring, reporting and offsetting its carbon impact.

Early this year, Tunley Engineering provided Lottoland with a carbon assessment that allowed it to understand and visualise its annual carbon equivalent tonnes of emissions.

In response to this year’s study, Lottoland is now implementing a road map into effect that will assist the company in achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Nigel Birrell, Lottoland Group CEO, said: “At Lottoland, we are committed to being socially and environmentally responsible not just for our customers but for our employees too.

“If companies like Lottoland can make strides in carbon reduction, hopefully we’ll see more and more enterprises doing the same.”

Lottoland has contributed to numerous tree-related offsets including planting 2,799,354 trees for the Eden Reforestation Projects, Usambara Biodiversity Conservation and forest protection through its collaboration with Tunley.

In 2019, Lottoland estimated emissions of 140.19 tonnes of CO2e per annum. However, over the past three years, Lottoland has reduced its emissions to 133.12 tCO2e in 2022.

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