Malta gambling authority is working on policies to regulate NFTs, digital tokens, and more. Meanwhile, French ops pledge to adhere to safe gambling advertising guidelines during the World Cup. And Swedish regulator is introducing licenses for iGaming software providers in an attempt to clamp down on illegal ops. In the Netherlands, the government proposes a 0.5% increase in the gambling tax. And the local regulator KSA warns two licensees about AML act violations.

Maltese regulator to release NFT guidelines

The gaming authority of Malta plans to regulate innovative technologies, digital tokens, and virtual financial assets, namely NFTs. The regulator has opened a consultation to work out policies, regulations, and rules for the virtual asset sector. MGA will also host a series of so-called regulatory workshops to ensure better cooperation between the industry stakeholders.

The closed consultation will last until December 14, with an aim to create a structured policy on the aforementioned topics.

ANJ updates advertising rules for FIFA World Cup 2022

With the main football event of 2022 drawing closer, the gambling watchdog of France, ANJ, has reminded its operators about responsible advertising. The regulator reported that the French ops have agreed to a set of new rules, which were previously discussed at the consultation.

Most of the new advertising rules concern radio and TV ads. Namely, the companies promised to cut the number of gambling ads streamed in the breaks between the World Cup matches. Previously, the advertisers could broadcast 4 iGaming commercials in one break. Now, this number is reduced to three.

What is more, iGaming ops will no longer be able to promote their services near schools and addiction rehabilitation centers. Operators will also reduce the volume of gambling ads on the metro or trains. Meanwhile, responsible gambling ads approved by ANJ will appear in more places.

Under the new guidelines, ANJ will closely monitor gambling ads on social networks and on the Internet in general. The gambling authority will also oversee the activities of brand ambassadors and influencers, making sure that games of chance are not promoted to minors.

Sweden implements licenses for iGaming software providers

The Swedish gambling authority, Spelinspektionen, has introduced licenses for providers of gaming software. As of July 1, 2023, all companies that offer software for iGaming ops will have to get a Spelinspektionen permit. The companies licensed by the authority will no longer be allowed to supply their products to illegal ops.

This is one of the latest attempts of the Swedish government to regulate the iGaming sphere and curb illegal gambling in the country. On December 7, the gambling authority will host an online meeting for all industry stakeholders to explain future requirements for the software provider license.

Dutch govt considers gambling tax raise

The government of the Netherlands is currently considering increasing the tax rate for gambling by 0.5% – from 29% to 29.5%.

The majority of the current parliamentary coalition, however, tabled the amendment that provides for 0.3% raise.

Previously, the Lower House proposed to cut the gambling tax by 4% – to 25%. This appeal, however, was canceled.

KSA calls out ops on AML act breach

In other news from the Netherlands, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has warned two iGaming providers about violating Money Laundering Act. After carrying out the investigation in the spring of 2022, KSA found out that 2 ops were allowing young adults to lose tens of thousands of euros without any additional checks or interventions. The gaming providers also failed to monitor and identify unusual behavioral patterns of the players.

In the next 3 months, the operators must improve their player protection practices and enhance monitoring of player behavior.

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