According to the local esports news media, the German cybersport industry is in the new development stage. ESport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD) highly supports the start of financing to the computer games and the industry. It’s an essential step towards improving the politics of the esports sector.

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMVI) has announced the launching of the computer games fund, and one of the fund’s purposes is to improve research methods in cybersport. The BMVI aims to introduce new guidance for eSports and computer games research.

ESBD President Daniel Luther noticed that the cybersport sector had been actively growing. And Germany has a chance to become a global leader in this industry in case of constant financing from the government.

The German cybersport industry will also be admitted as a non-commercialized sector. And all the incoming finances will be coming from a charity fund.

The E-Sport-Bund plan

A development plan for the cybersport industry includes 5 stages:

  1. Launch a strategy together with the government;
  2. Approving charity in esports club;
  3. Support for the esports research organizations;
  4. Discussion about cybersport with authority;
  5. Support for the cultural exchange in the industry.

ESBD is sure about positive influence from the legislation updates in the esports sector. It will definitely change esports for the better. However, Daniel Luther notices that the development direction will become known after the specific actions are taken.

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