The Flemish Region of Belgium is going to implement video games as a basic academic discipline, according to the recent esports news.

It is worth mentioning that the region will become the second on the list of countries that understand the significance of the video games industry and consider it as an important and mature business sector.

The Flemish video games vertical gets an all-round support       

Poland became the first country that appreciated the true value of the sector. The Flemish Department of Education and Training followed its successful example and also decided to implement computer games into the core of the education process. The ministry is going to use a special tool, which will help to introduce the vertical to the academic activity. Teachers will be able to apply it to develop various tasks for different age groups.

In addition to this, the video games sector will also get financial support of 100 000 euros. This sum will be very helpful for the market during this difficult pandemic period. The lockdown has influenced gaming companies’ products that are under development. That is why investments are very important to the sector at the current time.

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