OnlineCasinoSpot has recently carried out a study about slot streaming audiences.

The results reportedly shocked even the research group. It was traditionally considered that streaming is a popular pastime of people with less serious occupations as they have more time to spare. The new study, however, proves that in 2022 this is untrue. Keep reading to know more about this and a few other surprising facts about slot streaming.

OnlineCasinoSpot took half a year to conduct the study – from the 1st of March to the 1st of September 2022. In the research, 14 slot streamers interviewed 25k viewers in different demographic groups. And the results were shocking for everyone.

67% of Slot Streaming Audience Work in Tech Sector – New Study Shows

One of the key takeaways from the study is that slot streams are mostly watched by women – 58% of viewers. While men, who were believed to be the key streaming audience, accounted only for 42% of total viewers.

The other revelation from the OnlineCasinoStop research is the career choices of slot streaming viewers. 67% of slot streaming audiences work technical jobs and 33% are humanitarian. What is more, most of the slot streaming audience, watch gambling content during the night as opposed to the day.

Robert Lewis, a casino expert from OnlineCasinoStop, commented on the results of the study. The expert who took part in the research creation stated that the team was shocked that people working in law, education, and engineering watch gambling streams so much. Lewis believes that these people use streaming content to relax after a long working day.

About Rober Lewis

Robert Lewis is a casino expert at OnlineCasinoSpot. Although Robert joined the team only last year but has already proven to be one of the top-performing members of the staff. He has been writing casino reviews since 2014, analyzing hundreds of online casinos, going to gambling conferences, and conducting research.

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