5 Gifts Every Esports Player and Fan Will Appreciate

Considering the incredible popularity of competitive video games these days, chances are great that one of your loved ones is into esports. Perhaps he or she loves to follow CS: GO battles, show off their skills in DOTA 2, or score fantastic goals in Rocket League. Regardless of the preferences of your gaming loved ones, you can always share their enthusiasm with them through fascinating gifts. The ideas below will help you do just that and surprise your favorite gamers.

Gamertag-based gifts

With today's technology, there is nothing we cannot personalize based on a specific gamertag. These can be backpacks, clothes, cups, and any other things that people use in everyday life. If you put your close one's gamertag on something like that, they will definitely appreciate such a gesture.

Game-specific merch

This is another opportunity to show your close gamers that you understand and support their passion for a particular game. Most of the time, high-level esports players tend to focus on one title. Therefore, you can take advantage of this and order a merch package that will be based on the elements of this game. Such packages often contain towels, socks, hoodies, and other similar items.

Live tournament tickets

How many times have you seen your loved one gamer passionately discussing and watching some esports tournament online? So, just imagine how they would feel if they saw their favorite esports players live at some amazing entertainment venue. A trip to a hyped competition would surely be an unforgettable experience for them. And with two tickets, you would have a terrific opportunity to share this experience with them.

Customized Xbox gamepad

5 Gifts Every Esports Player and Fan Will Appreciate

Anyone who prefers to play on Xbox can customize their controllers through the Xbox Design Lab before purchasing. The standard Elite Series 2 wireless controllers have met gamers’ expectations all over the globe. However, being able to personalize each of their buttons simply puts things to another level. You already know what games your loved one prefers to play and what esports teams they support. So, you will be able to customize a new controller for them without any difficulties.

Gaming monitor with a high refresh rate

This option is suitable for those who have a substantial budget for a gift. Many competitive gamers are forced to play on monitors with a low refresh rate, which affects their performance more than you might think. It means that if you give them one of the top-tier monitors, you will make a huge contribution to their esports hobby and help them achieve even better results.

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