According to a new survey provided by the GHA (Gambling Health Alliance), the loot boxes problem is still very challenging for the UK as many young gamblers are ready to go into debt.

Loot boxes as a type of gambling were frequently discussed in gambling news through the whole of 2020. The UK government was trying hard to consider the problem in more detail and launched a consultation dedicated to it. The GHA research proves that the concern hasn’t been groundless.

GHA warns parents of loot boxes’ negative effects

The GHA study is the best way to show parents whose children are fond of gaming and purchasing loot boxes the negative influence. The survey has revealed that approximately fifteen percent of underage players are ready to use their parents’ money without getting permission to buy these undisclosed items. Moreover, eleven percent pay for prize boxes via their parents’ bank cards. Nine percent of minors at least once borrowed money for this purpose and couldn’t pay it back.

Twenty-two percent of the survey participants spend more than one hundred pounds on buying loot boxes while they are playing a game. The main reason for this is that the gaming process, according to players, is too difficult without these items. In addition to it, twenty-four percent of polled underage players have admitted that they have an addiction to loot boxes.

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